Choose Workstations With Productivity In Mind

Workplace fatigue is not just the result of a heavy lunch or boredom. Employees can also become fatigued when they are forced to work at workstations that are not conducive to optimal productivity. Learn what key features to look for in an office workstation to minimize fatigue and boost productivity and efficiency.

Keep Everything Within Reach

The popularity of workstations has grown in recent years because they provide an open and vast workspace that is prime for engagement with other team members. However, if the station is not designed well, this openness can sometimes be a flaw. 

To prevent an employee from constantly straining or reaching, the core of the workstation, which is the area where the keyboard, monitor, and storage drawers are housed, should be centralized around the area where the chair will be placed. The rest of the workstation should be reserved for items that the individual does not use on a regular basis. 

Invest in Adjustable Stations

The height of a workstation largely impacts its comfort level. For a taller person, a workstation that is too low will force the individual to bend over, and the same is true for a workstation that is too tall based on the height of the employee. 

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, invest in workstations that have an adjustable feature so that each employee can position their station at a height best suited for their needs. Additionally, as you experience turnover, any new employees will also have the opportunity to adjust the workstation to the right height for their needs. This feature will increase the initial cost of the workstation, but it is an investment that pays off in greater productivity.

Remember That Material Is Important

The material of the workstation is equally important if you want to minimize slowdowns. Laminate is a widely popular workstation material option because it provides a smooth work surface and best of all, is low cost. 

A smooth workstation is important because it ensures that everything from the keyboard to papers can easily glide across the surface. Some workstation material designs, such as grated metal and natural wood, can sometimes pose problems in terms of smoothness. While smooth, glass can also be problematic. Glass is prone to cracking, particularly with high use from several different employees, such as a workstation used by different employees on varying shifts.

Improved productivity and efficiency are two cornerstones of a successful business. Aim to choose workstations for your employees that align with these elements of success.