Securing Industrial Equipment before a Move

If your business is moving from one area of the country to another, you most likely have some concern about the safety of your larger pieces of equipment. Industrial movers should be contacted to safely handle these items as they are hauled to their new location. Here are some ways you can prepare your industrial equipment pieces for moving to help keep them from unnecessary damage during the transport.

Remove All Fluids

If you have heavy machinery that uses gas, oil, or other fluids to operate properly, these should be drained of all liquids before they are placed onto the moving truck. This will help keep the weight at a lower rate so the haul will not be slowed down while on the road. It will also keep other motorists safe from the chance of a hazardous spill on the highway. 

Take Some Photos

Before your equipment is placed on the truck for moving, take photographs of each piece to document its overall condition. This will prove any damage should something happen on the road, allowing insurance to pay for the replacement of the piece if necessary. Take photos from each angle and document with a date stamp to prove when they were taken. 

Evaluate Together

It is also wise to go through an inspection process with your industrial moving company to document any preexisting flaws in the equipment, as well. This not only safeguards you, but will also protect the company, as they will not pay for flaws that were already present before the transport. 

Cover Appropriately

When your equipment is being moved, it may be exposed to the weather. To protect it from wind and moisture, use appropriate coverings. Make sure the mechanism portion of the machinery is covered completely so it will still operate as normal when it arrives at its new destination. Select coverings that are made from material that cannot be penetrated by moisture, such as vinyl or heavy-duty plastic. Most larger industrial pieces will have covers available for purchase that will fit the particular model perfectly.

Secure Completely

Before allowing the truck to haul off your equipment, ask to check the security of the item after it has been placed for transport. Make sure the service used rope or cord to tie your machinery in several locations so it will not slide or shift during the transport. If the equipment has wheels, make sure they are in a locked position so they do not roll when the truck starts to move. 

Remove any protruding parts from the exterior of your equipment so they do not become lost or damage another vehicle during the move. Have the truck operator keep these parts in the cab or take them with you to pack with other belongings for your business's move.