How To Recycle Junk Vehicles

If you have an old junker car that barely gets you down the street, you're probably looking to trade up to a newer model. But when you've run the car into the ground, selling it for a profit may be a difficult option. Here are some alternative things that you can do with your old car that doesn't run.


Even if you're having a hard time finding a buyer for your car, you may be able to trade it in and get a small discount on your next purchase. Used car dealerships are your best bet, since they might be able to use some of the old parts as replacement parts for their vehicles. Before you go to the dealership, you might want to have a mechanic or dealer appraise the car, so you know if there's any resale value left on your vehicle.

Donate to a Good Cause

If you aren't concerned with money but just want to get the vehicle off your hands, try giving a junk vehicle to charity. While thrift stores may not accept an old car that doesn't run, you can try delivering the car to a mechanic or trade school. In some cases, you can get a tax write-off for this donation, so ask for a receipt when you make the donation.

Sell it to a Recycling Facility

The good news about recycling your old car is that you may be able to get some money for it. Many vehicle recycling facilities will pay you for the weight of scrap metal in your car. Although they accept all kinds of metal, they may be especially interested in parts of the car that contain traces of valuable metals such as silver and palladium.

Use the Parts Around the House

You may need to get creative if you want to reuse parts of the car for your home. You could make the car seats into a bench in your back yard, for instance. Many families have used their old tires to create a tire swing for the kids. Your windshield glass could become a new window in your house, or you could keep it as a spare part for your next car.

As you can see, there are many different options for vehicle recycling in part or in full. If you are diligent, you may be able to get money for the old car parts, but in any case, reusing the car can help cut down on environmental strain.