How To Buy Glasses Online

Buying glasses online gives you a musher greater variety in choosing frames and materials for your eyeglasses. Here are some steps in buying glasses online. 

Get Your Prescription

Your initial eyeglass appointment will need to be in person at an eye doctor. At this appointment, the doctor will conduct an eye test to determine your current prescription. Even if you have had a prescription in the past, it is a good idea to get your eyes rechecked before buying a new pair of glasses. 

Choose an Online Retailer

There are a number of online retailers (such as Polar Vision Centre) that allow you to choose frames for your eyeglasses. Some of the online shops will ship you a box of eyeglasses for free so that you can try out the frames and see which ones look best. You simply need to place a credit card hold in order to receive the glasses, and you ship them back with a prepared label when you're done trying them on. With the online glasses trials, you don't need to worry about buying a set of glasses online and then realizing the fit is not quite right. 

Get Glasses Fit In Person

When you buy your glasses online, you may have the option of getting the lenses placed by the online company. However, it's a good idea to get your glasses checked by a licensed optician. Sometimes the lenses aren't correctly centered to your eyes if you buy online. By getting an eyewear fitting in person, you can ensure that the frames are customized to your facial shape, and that the lenses are perfectly aligned with your eyes. 

Get Reimbursed

You may be wondering how eyeglass purchase works if you purchase glasses from an online or international company. Each retailer has their own policies for which types of insurance they accept. If you don't have Canadian health insurance, you might need to submit a claim to the retailer and to your personal health insurance in order to get reimbursed for the eyeglass purchase. This process is often streamlined so that you can submit your receipts online. 

What if My Prescription Changes?

In some cases, you can use the same set of frames and get them fitted to your new lenses. For this process, you can revisit your eyewear fitting facility. Customizing your eyewear is fairly simple when you work with a licensed optician to customize your online  eyeglasses