Excavating On Your Oil Field Construction Site? Here's How To Prevent Damage To The Environment

If you are working on an oil field construction site, you are probably concerned about the impact that your project will have on the environment around you. Many people worry about oil fields being harmful for the ecosystem, but there are ways for you to complete your project without doing too much damage to the world around you.

These are a few tips to keep in mind to complete your project in the most environmentally responsible way possible:

Use Hydro-Powered Excavation Techniques

When renting excavating equipment or hiring an excavation company, look for a company that utilizes water power. This will help prevent harmful emissions and leaks into the environment, since the equipment is primarily powered by water.

Focus on Directional Horizontal Drilling

When drilling, use equipment that is designed to drill horizontally whenever possible. This will allow you to enter the earth with just one main entry point; then, the rest of your drilling will be done under the ground, where it will not disturb the ecosystem around you.

Basically, you can steer the drill so that it goes in the direction that you want it to, but you won't even be able to tell that any drilling was done when you look at the ground, unless you are looking at the main entry site. This can allow you to leave grass, flowers, animal habitats and more alone while still completing your project.

Repair the Site Afterward

After you have completed your project, it's best to repair the site as well as you can. Smooth out the dirt, and consider bringing in extra dirt if necessary. Plant grass seed, and consider planting other plants that grow naturally in the area as well. This will help the ecosystem repair itself.

Do Something Nice for the Environment Elsewhere

Many companies are making a difference for the environment by planting trees and donating to eco-friendly organizations after making changes at oil field sites. Then, even if the ecosystem in the area of the oil field was disturbed in some way, you can make up for it in the best way possible.

Keeping the environment in mind when doing oil field construction is important. Luckily, excavation doesn't have to be as damaging as it sounds. If you follow these tips, you can feel good in knowing that your company is doing its part for the environment while still getting your oil field construction project done.