Six Types Of Mulch For Your Garden

Mulches come in many different makeups, each of which provides a different benefit to your garden. They can be used for pathways, for water retention, to prevent erosion, or for a variety of different applications that help maintain plant growth in your garden. Understanding these six types of mulches can help you decide which one is best for your needs.

  1. Pebbles: Pebbles are most commonly used as pathways or driveways, and offer easy drainage, which can be important in areas that collect too much water. Keep in mind that pebbles can be dangerous, especially when in close proximity to a lawnmower, as they can be easily picked up and flung and can cause injuries.
  2. Grass Clippings: Grass clippings can be a great source of mulch and can be produced in your own garden. The clippings will break down easily and become a rich source of nutrients for your garden. 
  3. Landscape Fabric: Though not actually a mulch, it can function much like one. This black plastic fabric allows for water to filter through while blocking out the sun. The fabric can also trap heat from the sun, allowing for warmer soil temperatures.
  4. Wood Chips: Wood chips can hold water, which can help reduce the severity of heavy rainfalls and provide some dampness during hot, dry spells. Additionally, wood chips will break down over time, releasing valuable nutrients into the soil, which can help promote plant growth. Getting wood chips primarily made out of bark can be a longer term solution with similar benefits, as wood bark takes much longer to break down.
  5. Pine Needles: Sometimes also referred to as pine straw, pine needles are a great source of mulch. Pine needles will last for a very long period of time, and will not degrade quickly, providing you with a semi-permanent mulch. Additionally, they can easily and cheaply be found, sometimes on your own property. Pine needles help suppress weeds from growing and make the dirt more acidic, which can help promote plant growth.
  6. Cocoa Hull Mulch: A less-common type of mulch, because of its higher price, cocoa hull mulch provides a rich red brown colour to your garden. It decomposes slowly and helps improve soil quality. The main draw of cocoa hull mulch is the fact that it will leave your garden smelling like chocolate. However, it should be noted that cocoa hull mulch is poisonous to dogs and cats, which makes it less than ideal for some families.

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