Five Fabulous Ways To Make Your Bridal Bouquet Unique

Your wedding bouquet is more than just a bunch of pretty flowers. It should also say something about you and your relationships with your husband-to-be. Here are five great ways you can make your bridal bouquet as unique as you are. 

Fabric Flowers

Take the elegance of your bridal bouquet a step further by using handmade fabric flowers. Have fabric flowers created in colors that match or compliment your other flowers, and ask your florist to mix the two together to create something that is special and all you. 

Flowers made of fabric are also a nice choice for your groom and groomsmen to wear on their suits or tuxedos. Unlike boutineers made from regular flowers, these pretty pieces will not fade or droop as the night goes on. 

Butterfly Bouquet

Your wedding is a transformation, and you can symbolize that by adding a butterfly or two to your bouquet. Your florist can order beautiful butterflies in nearly any color and size that can be connected by wire to a floral stick and placed in your bouquet. If you want guests to notice your butterflies, choose several that are a contrasting color to your flowers. You can also make the butterfly your little secret by having it cleverly tucked away into your arrangement. 


One of the most popular destination wedding is a ceremony that is held on a beach. For a beach wedding bouquet, consider using seashells. Beautiful seashells add a touch of whimsy and bring your whole theme together. 

Seashells can also be incorporated into you other decor. 

Sheet Music

Perhaps you and your intended are musicians or you share a love for a special piece of music. Bring music into your decor by making copies of sheet music and rolling it into pretty flower-like shapes. Add these sheets to your bouquet. 

You and your future husband will share the lovely secret that you are holding your song close to your heart. 


There is a reason that ripe, fresh fruit is so often used in artwork. Like flowers, fruits are a beautiful part of nature. Their colors are rich and complex, and they look amazing in a tropical wedding bouquet. Citrus fruits can also make your bouquet smell divine. 

Your wedding is an expression of who you and your future husband are as a couple. Carry something meaningful with you in your wedding bouquet to help make your special day even more beautiful.