Sea Buckthorn: What To Know

You may love plants and have an abiding inner need to explore bushes and trees you're unfamiliar with. You might see an unusual looking bush on the side of a road or you may simply see unusual tree or bush names and want to learn more. If you haven't come across the sea buckthorn yet, you're missing out. This interesting-looking plant with orange berries could be great for your garden, your lawn and your life. How?

Sea Buckthorn Can Grow in Many Places

These bushes and their orange berries can be planted for many reasons. They're hearty and can withstand many environmental conditions, both natural and manmade. The bushes are generally saline-resistant; if you live near the bay or ocean, these bushes could grow well. They also retain water quite well, so if your area's soil is dry most of the time, these bushes can survive well. These shrubs are one of the few which can be planted along busy roads or highways, as it seems resistant to damage from rock salt used in winter. 

Sea Buckthorn Can Improve Soil

Some of the most stunning things about planting sea buckthorn is the way it can retain water and ultimately enrich soil by adjusting nitrogen amounts. In fact, after a few seasons of buckthorn growth, soil can be improved to the point where it's better for a multitude of plants. This works because the plant has the strange capability to process nitrogen in the atmosphere in such a way that it becomes biologically available to the plant roots and therefore the soil.

Sea Buckthorn Oil May Have Physical Benefits

Your lawn and yard aren't the only places where sea buckthorn can be of benefit. Oil made from the berries is reputed to have positive physical benefits. For example, when mixed with olive oil, sea buckthorn can be an effective burn treatment. Because it contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C and different essential fatty acids, it's being used for softening and rejuvenating skin. There are rumors that it could even help some people with weight loss and dementia symptoms, although more research is necessary.

If you're a tea lover, the plant's leaves can also be used to steep some tea as well.

Whatever use you have for this plant, sea buckthorn shrub is a plant that can satisfy many needs. Work with tree nurseries to locate these bushes and experience their benefits for yourself.