3 Easy Favors To Have At Your Wedding Reception

If you are getting married, you may be trying to figure out what types of favors to have at your wedding reception to give to your guests. The favors are a fantastic gesture because they allow you to thank your guests for celebrating such a special moment in your life with you, so it is a good idea to offer them at your reception. There are a few fun and simple ideas that work perfectly when you want to give your guests something nice on your special day.

Custom Labeled Bottled Water

Have custom labels printed to fit perfectly over water bottles and hand those custom labeled bottles of water out to your guests at the reception. These favors are ideal for a few different reasons. You can easily find bottled water at your local grocery store for a decent price and you can have the perfect labels customized to your liking, using some of your favorite colors, designs, or even photos of you and your bride or groom. Guests can choose to drink the water and then save the bottle as a keepsake from your wedding because of the beautiful custom label that is on each bottle.

Personalized Magnets

Have a special photo of you and your partner? If so, you can use that photo to have magnets created. You may want to have the photo, the date of the wedding, and even a nice quote added to the magnets before they are created by the company that produces them. Magnets are great favors to give because people can use them on the fridge for decorative purposes as well as for keeping a special note posted to the fridge each day.

Jar of Mints

Putting together jars of mints is an affordable yet adorable way to show your gratitude to your guests. You would only need to purchase small jars, bags of mints, and some ribbon. Fill the jars to the top with mints, seal them shut with a lid, and then tie some decorative ribbon around them to make them look even nicer before giving them to your guests.

Show thanks to your wedding reception guests by having the perfect favors available for them. Some of these favors include custom labeled water bottles, personalized magnets, and jars of mints with a decorative ribbon around them. If you want to go all out, you could always put these different items out on a table for your guests, allowing them to grab one of each of the different items as a keepsake.

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