How To Remove A Bad Carpet Odor

If you have carpeting in your home with either pets or kids, chances are you are going to have some sort of accident that results in a horrible carpet odor. These odors will not ruin your carpeting forever, as there are ways to remove the smell and restore your carpet to how it once was.

Clean More Than Just The Surface

Odors can develop in carpeting because the problem was not addressed properly in the fist place. Liquid can go past the surface levels of the carpet fibers and actually absorb into the carpet padding. Letting the carpeting air dry will not work, as you need to get beneath the surface level to completely remove the odor.

You can opt for professional carpet cleaning, or even rent a steam cleaner and try to remove the stain yourself. You may be able to try a home remedy that can help remove the deep down odor that you are smelling.

Use Baking Soda

Some people prefer an all natural approach to cleaning carpet odor. Baking soda works great for absorbing foul odors in your refrigerator, and it will work just as well for your carpeting. It will be able to neutralize the odor in your carpeting thanks to the sodium bicarbonate in it.

Start by spreading the baking soda evenly across your carpeting where the odor is located. Let it sit on the carpet for about an hour, as it needs time to absorb any odor that is in your carpeting. Then use your vacuum cleaner to pick up the loose baking soda. Your vacuum will not only remove the baking soda, but the odor as well.

Use Chemical Cleaners

If you want a strong solution that will remove that odor for good, you can use a chemical carpet cleaner from your local home improvement store. Commercial cleaners use solvents and acid that work in harmony to remove horrible odors. If there is a mildew odor, the mildewcide in chemical cleaners is the best way to remove the odor.

Simply spray the chemical solution on your carpeting. They typically come out as a foam, but will eventually go down after a few minutes. Once the solution soaks into the carpeting for about half an hour, the odor will be gone. These commercial cleaners will completely dry on their own, so there is no need to treat the odor any more.

By following these tips, you'll be able to eliminate that annoying carpet odor for good.